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9 Nov 2013

Photo: OMG! This is sick! Woman pierces her cervix


Piercing boobs, vaginas and clits is no longer good enough for some crazies, now they are piercing the cervix. (The cervix is the lower, narrow portion of the uterus where it joins with the top end of the vagina). A 26 year old UK woman named Ashley Crawford, who is described as a body modification artist and sex worker, is the first woman (and hopefully the only one) to pierce her cervix.

Be prepared to be shocked. See it HERE

Ghanaian minister fired for saying she plans to make $1million from politics

A Ghanaian female deputy minister has been dismissed by the country's President John Dramani Mahama after she allegedly said she will not quit politics until she makes at least one million dollars.

Deputy Minister of Communication, Victoria Hammah, (pictured above) was sacked today, a day after she was heard in a leaked tape to radio stations saying she would not quit politics until she's rich

The voice purported to be that of Victoria Hammah is heard telling a female companion

“I will not quit politics until I make one million dollars. If you have money then you can control people." She also criticized another minister, the deputy minister of gender, children and social protection, Rachel Appoh, in the leaked tape. She said “it was useless for the deputy minister to fight Nana Lithur whose husband is friends with former President Jerry Rawlings and was President Mahama’s lawyer during the 2012 election challenge. She cannot boast of 100,000 Ghana cedis or 100,000 dollars.

The Ghanaian government released a statement today announcing her dismissal, but didn't give any reason for the sack. That's how politics works in Ghana. She was sacked for what she intended to do and not what she's done already. Nigeria should learn from this. #dropsmic!

8 Nov 2013

Graphic photos: Nigerian man beaten almost to death in India


Locals seem to be targeting Nigerians in India for no good reason. On October 30, a 37 year old man Obado Uzoma Simeon was murdered in Parra village, North Goa, India. Aside from Uzoma, several other Nigerians have been harassed, assaulted and beaten by the locals and Indian police isn't doing anything about the targeted violence. Locals claim the Nigerians being targeted are drug dealers.

Angry Nigerians staged a protest in India last week over Uzoma's killing. They attacked the police vehicle carrying his body, removed the body from the van and kept it on the road, blocking traffic in the area (pic above ). The protest led to the arrest of several Nigerians who have since been released.

7 Nov 2013

Kate showed off a different hairstyle today - plus silver streaks

 The Duchess of Cambridge, is pictured before meeting with Royal British Legions London Poppy Day Appeal staff and volunteers at Kensington PalaceKate looked radiant in a calf-length red coat from LK Bennett, happy to let a few grey hairs show at the roots - perhaps she's been too busy with George to get to the hairdresser?

The Duchess of Cambridge was as elegant as ever today in a claret LK Bennett coat while meeting military supporters, as well as servicemen and women, as part of London Poppy Day.

However, the glossy mane which inspired a million Chelsea blow-dries looked rather different: silver roots were clearly visible along the parting of her normally chestnut hair. She's also chosen a flatter style than she normally wears, parted in the middle.

During her pregnancy, Kate's lovely locks looked their lustrous best.

Fab Photos: Luxury Lifestyle Of A Tomboy Chinese Heiress


Guys, meet Zhang Jiale, China's 22-year-old tomboy heiress. Zhang Jiale is the daughter of wealthy insurance and electronics businessman, Zhang Jun.

Photos of her glamorous lifestyle recently went viral on China's version of Twitter earlier this year and sparked jealousy and outrage from the public, who said they hated the unfairness behind her wealth.

Surrounded by beautiful young women, flying in private jets, and shopping for the top designer labels, Zhang Jiale's pictures give a glimpse into how the super rich live.

See more pictures after the cut...

Groom, 103, Marries his 99-year-old bride after 80 years together


This Paraguayan couple met each other, fell in love and moved in together in 1933, six years before the outbreak of World War Two.

And eighty years later, they decided to cement their relationship - by getting married.

Jose Manuel Riella, 103, finally vowed to give himself to Martina Lopez, his 99-year-old bride, during a ceremony attended by dozens of their family members, their eight children, 50 grandchildren , 35 great-grandchildren and 20 great-great-grandchildren.

Pope Francis Halts His Weekly General Audience To Kiss And Hold A Sick Man Covered In Boils


New pictures of Pope Francis embracing and comforting a severely disfigured man have gone viral on the internet.

Last Wednesday, the leader of the world’s 1.3billion Catholics was greeting pilgrims following his weekly public audience when the man covered in neuronal tumors approached him, asking for a blessing.

The man suffers from a rare and painful disease called neurofibromatosis, which causes boils, impaired vision and in some cases cancer.

Patients suffering from the ailment, which is genetic and not contagious - are often shunned by society because of their appearance.

People were amazed when Pope Francis instead, kissed the man on the face and blessed him with the sign of the cross.

He was photographed with his eyes tightly shut in prayer for the man.

6 Nov 2013

Mother Kills Her 2months old Baby After She Downed Vodka & Passed Out On The Baby While Breastfeeding

A drunk mother killed her two-month-old daughter at her Maryland home on Saturday morning after passing out while breastfeeding.

When the baby's father, Dwayne Bryant, tried to wake his girlfriend, Yadina Morales, he found the lifeless body of his daughter trapped under her.

DailyMail reports that the 22-year-old woman, who has been charged with manslaughter, was apparently so drunk she didn't even realize her child had been rushed to hospital.

4 Nov 2013

See the $48m Las Vegas mansion with its own runway and airport


This is the mansion of 'King of Las Vegas' Wayne Newton that is up for sale. The 40-acre mansion has a car museum, personal zoo, 'equestrian pool' and jet with its own terminal. The outrageously massive property, which is located in Las Vegas, is on sale for $48million. More pics after the cut...

The photos the world was talking about 17 years ago. Amazing story!

In 1996, something pretty amazing happened in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Please read the story and be blown away. It is a story of courage and kindness that is still inspiring people 16 years later. Wish something similar had happened during Aluu4 attack. Read story below...

17 Knights of White Supremacist Organization, the Ku Klux Klan, held a rally on the second floor of a City Hall in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 22, 1996, fully clothed in hate robes. And just outside in the street were 300 angry anti-KKK protesters who wanted the KKK to know they weren’t welcome. In the midst of the protestors, majority black, someone spotted a middle-aged white man wearing a Confederate t-shirt. Through his clothes and “SS” tattoo, it appeared that he was a white supremacist though he was not a member of the Klan. Once his presence was made known, the angry protesters chased him down and began to beat him in the streets, with one yelling “Kill the Nazi”.

Among those protesters was an 18 year old high school girl named Keshia Thomas. That’s when things went from violent to a kind of heroism that will give you goosebumps. Continue.

3 Nov 2013

"It Will Take 10 Policemen To Handle 1 Nigerian" - Indian Police


This is the funniest thing I've heard all day, I knew Nigerians were strong but not this strong!, its funny how other people view us, I know this is very little and not worthy of praise but the fact Nigerians are this strong should be a bit comforting.

Nigerians are "seven feet" tall, are "huge and aggressive" and it needs anywhere between two to 10 Goa Police personnel to tackle each of them. That's why, says Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, the police could not reign in an irate mob of Nigerians that blocked a key highway, beat up policemen and vandalised a police van after one of their compatriots was found murdered.

Meet Neesy, Kenya's Most Expensive Runs Babe: Charges About N1M Per Session


News reaching todaysgist from Kenya is that the number One runs babe in Kenya  or Ashi  as it is called in Naija is no other than Neesy.

The Kenya socialite is not as popular in the social media circles like the rest. She is the woman who taught Huddah Monroe and Vera Sikida the rules of the game.

Neesy however does not just sleep around with any ordinary man. Her worth is Sh. 5 million( N928,496.00) According to a reliable source, Neesy has a list of politicians and leading businessmen who always go for more from her.

2 Nov 2013

The heartbreaking poem a 14yr old girl wrote before she killed herself


Izzy Dix (pictured above), a gifted pupil who had ambitions to go to Oxford University, took her own life after complaining she could no longer cope with being bullied, both at school and online.

‘Izzy would come home and sob in my arms" Her mother Gabbi said "They called her “ugly”, “freak”, “frigid”. If she put her hands up in class, she’d be labelled a “swot” and they’d snigger at her, or make crude comments. They’d exclude her from events, tell her to go home, she wasn’t wanted. They’d turn their backs on her, literally. When she did come home, it didn’t stop, because it doesn’t, these days. They name-called her by text, then online. She’d log onto Facebook and get abuse. Then onto that awful site and be subjected to filth."

1 Nov 2013

Davido Speaks On How He Plans To Quit Music At 30 + How His Billionaire Dad Still Scolds Him


He granted an interview with punch where he said this and more. Wizkid is not a threat to him, Skelewu is already big and some people are just starting out at 30 but he is already a success and threat at 20.

“Wizkid is not a rival. I see nobody as competition or threat. God is behind me, so I just go into the studio, do my music and everything is fine. I develop and write most of my songs in the studio. I’m not afraid of competition or the fact that some person will just appear on the scene and take the shine. After all, I did it to some people, so I expect that it is something that must happen to everyone because you can’t be shining forever. But once you are good to others, make good music, have loyal fans, that’s all that matters.

Spot the difference: Naija Halloween vs Oyibo Halloween...:-)


Some of our Naija celebs celebrating Halloween yesterday. Hehe. Now check out dem oyibo people Halloween costumes.

Woman strips at airport security, removes her clothing too literally

 A CCTV clip shows Kelly Hadfield-Hyde removing her clothesThe court heard that when more airport security staff arrived in an attempt to defuse the situation both women became abusive and swore at them.

As the self-styled lady of the manor, Kelly Hadfield-Hyde may be more accustomed to issuing orders than receiving them.

So when a guard at an airport security scanner asked her to remove her clothing before passing through she took his request a little too literally.

She began to peel off her clothing – only stopping when she had removed her bra.

Woman Drugged & Raped 4 Year Old Girl Then Sent The Pictures To Her Boyfriend - Who Asked Her To Do It


A man and woman have been arrested after police discovered they drugged a four-year-old child and photographed her being raped, it emerged today.

Jacob L. Singleton, 33, and Cecilia D. Lower, 30, from Ohio, were arrested on October 23 by Barberton police in connection with the July incidents.

It is believed Singleton stole a prescription antidepressant and sleeping aid from a family member and gave it to Lower to administer to the child.

Jacob L. Singleton, 33, and Cecilia D. Lower, 30, from Ohio, were arrested on October 23 by Barberton police and charged with rape and pandering obscenities.

31 Oct 2013

Photos: Meet The Ethiopian Men Who Compete To Be The Fattest By Drinking Cow Blood & Milk


For Ethiopia's Bodi or Me'en people, bigger is always better.

According to DailyMail,  the tribe, which lives in a remote corner of Ethiopia's Omo Valley, is home to an unusual ritual which sees young men gorge on cow's blood and milk in a bid to be crowned the fattest man.

Six months after starting the regime, the men emerge to show off their newly engorged physiques and for a winner to be chosen.

The champion fat man is then feted as a hero for the rest of his life.

Pic of the day: Google earth view of an unfortunately designed church


From street-level, there doesn't seem to be anything comical about the design of the Christian Science Society of Dixon in Illinois (Lol at Dixon) but when viewed from the heavens (space), the sanctuary looks like an erect 'you know what'. Hehe. Eagle-eyed redditors using Google Earth spotted the likeness recently...

30 Oct 2013

The shoes that are too beautiful to wear: Fantasy footwear comes to life in new design book from Stuart Weitzman

Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman's wife Jane has created a design book featuring the fanatastical shoes she has spent years collecting from around the globeFor years, Weitzman store windows were filled with commissioned shoes created from unusual materials

We have heard of foot fetishes, but this is ridiculous. Having hundreds of must-have heels at her disposal isn't enough for the shoe-loving wife of American designer Stuart Weitzman, who has spent years travelling the globe curating a collection of the planet's most weird and wonderful heels.

The fantastical footwear Jane Gershon Weitzman discovered on her globe-trotting - including pairs made from corrugated cardboard, wire, wood, steel and even flowers - has filled the windows of the flagship Stuart Weitzman Madison Avenue store in New York for years.

And now the best of them have been brought together in a style book celebrating the creativity of the industry.


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