1 Nov 2013

Woman strips at airport security, removes her clothing too literally

 A CCTV clip shows Kelly Hadfield-Hyde removing her clothesThe court heard that when more airport security staff arrived in an attempt to defuse the situation both women became abusive and swore at them.

As the self-styled lady of the manor, Kelly Hadfield-Hyde may be more accustomed to issuing orders than receiving them.

So when a guard at an airport security scanner asked her to remove her clothing before passing through she took his request a little too literally.

She began to peel off her clothing – only stopping when she had removed her bra.

Strip: Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde at Manchester Airport. The Mail has preserved her modesty in this grab of CCTV footage of the incident which took place in Terminal One of the airport around 6am on December 3Outside court: Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde (right) and Ann Chadwick (left), 48, had been due to catch a flight to MalagaClothes off: Magistrates found mother-of-two Hadfield-Hyde guilty of causing a disturbance and she was handed a £55 fine, ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £850 costs

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