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Dear Advertisers,

Thanks, for your interest in advertising on Amadi Bethel's Blog. We offer monthly advertising plan.

Leader Board (Header)
728 X 90 pixels costs N100,000/$625/month.

Half Page Banner
200 X 600 pixels cost N80,000/$500/month

Rectangle Banner
300 X 250 pixels costs N50,000/$313/month.

Sponsored Posts
-We will receive your 300-400 word post about your product or service and experiences with it.

-You can link to this post, excerpt it for your own marketing, or quote it on your own site.

-We will also include links in the post to the appropriate landing page on your site.

-We will post the link to your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn on the day it is published.

-We will also send it out to his email and RSS subscribers.

On PCs: Your ads will be shown on every page on Amadi Bethel's Blog.

On Phones: Your ads will be shown 33.3% or 40% of the time.

Please send an e-mail to indicating:

1) Your real name, company name if applicable, and phone number.
2) The name, description and web address of each product/service you want to advertise.
3) The banner plan you would like to subscribe to or paying for.
4) Banner ads can be in jpeg, gif format or java script/HTML. All materials must be delivered via electronic.

Please note that we will most likely not reply your email on time if you do not provide all the details above.

If your product/service is suitable for promotion on Amadi Bethel's Blog, we will send you our payment details.

We will schedule your ads to be displayed on our Blog as soon as possible after we have been notified of your payment by our bank.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best Regards,

Amadi Bethel


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