3 Nov 2013

Meet Neesy, Kenya's Most Expensive Runs Babe: Charges About N1M Per Session


News reaching todaysgist from Kenya is that the number One runs babe in Kenya  or Ashi  as it is called in Naija is no other than Neesy.

The Kenya socialite is not as popular in the social media circles like the rest. She is the woman who taught Huddah Monroe and Vera Sikida the rules of the game.

Neesy however does not just sleep around with any ordinary man. Her worth is Sh. 5 million( N928,496.00) According to a reliable source, Neesy has a list of politicians and leading businessmen who always go for more from her.

The source wondered what she has that the men pay  that fee just to sleep with her. A top Jubilee politician from Central region once wanted to have s*x with her and she informed him that she only sleeps with anyone at a fee of Sh. 5 million.

Surprisingly the politician wrote a cheque and the two flew to Mombasa for their escapade and after that the politician is now hooked to her.

Neesy on the other hand has scooped an American billionaire who is married, the man is said to be financing her expensive lifestyle. Neesy lives at Lakeview Spring valley at a 5 bed roomed mansion equipped with a Jacuzzi and a private bar.

She drives a BMW, Range Rover and also a Mercedes Benz. The socialite also owns a business at Village Market and an interior décor shop in Rwanda.

Below are photos of her palatial home and her billionaire boyfriend:

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