31 Aug 2013

I'm shopaholic -Ijeoma Grace-Agu

Ijeoma Grace- Agu
Nollywood actress, Ijeoma Grace-Agu, tells Ademola Olonilua about her shopping patterns.

Where do you shop both in Lagos and abroad?

In Lagos anywhere I happen to see what I like. When I am abroad, I frequent TK Max and any place I can get what I want at an affordable price.

How much can you spend on shopping?

 I rarely shop and even when I do, I am very frugal about it.

What do you love buying the most?

I love buying dresses. Also, shoes too but never bags or jewelry.

What won’t you be caught buying?

I can’t be caught buying ‘inappropriate’ materials.

Give some shopping tips you adhere by?

I try not to spend more than I earn.

Who do you love shopping with?

I like shopping alone, because I tend to spend a lot of time ‘haggling’ price and this can be quite frustrating.

How do you dress when going for shopping?

I dress very simple and I’m always on flats for easy movement.

Which of your parents shop for you?

My mum shopped and still shops for me

Did you like what they got you, was it up to your taste?

Yes I liked what she buys for me. She’s more into timeless pieces and that works well for me as I tend not to follow fashion trends.

When did they stop shopping for you?

She still shops for me.

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