31 Aug 2013

ABBspot Ladies: Secret desire, a woman’s daydreaming

Many wives harbour secret sexual desires and many husbands want to know the sexual adventures that can meet this desire. It is as simple as A.B.C.

Husbands, go down on your wives’ nipples, clitoris and vaginas carefully. Nipples, clitoral and vaginal stimulation can be the high point of foreplay to a wife. It can even be the main event of the night or an erotic need that couples return to frequently during a long luxurious sexual encounter. Manual stimulation is incredibly important for wives to have an orgasm. Most wives need a little more nipple, clitoral and vaginal contact than intercourse. Warm, wet and intimate stimulation can be just as fun and satisfying as full intercourse. Actually, 87 per cent of wives prefer nipples, clitoral and vaginal caressing to all other forms of foreplay. Many wives fantasise about lying back and having their husbands go down on them, but many cannot express it. Moreover, if you want to sexually pamper your wife or want her to be consumed literally with enticing sexual feeling, try this out tonight.

There is something about a husband feasting his eyes, hands and mouth on his wife’s nipples, clitoris and vagina. It can translate the couple into another world of ecstasy.  The sensation of the tongue on the nipples, clitoris and vagina is usually enough to make couples hyperactive. However, according to researches many husbands do not lick the right places well or sometimes do not stay long enough to make their wives reach a climax.

We shall be looking at the practical details of nipples, clitoral and vagina stimulation today.  To fully comprehend and practise the instruction I will be giving, please bear these few facts in mind. During sex, reach down and rub your wife’s clitoris whenever possible and you are guaranteed to increase her chances of having orgasm. For many wives, manual stimulation of these areas is the only way they can reach a climax. Rubbing the nipples, vagina and the clitoris the right way is not something husbands just know how to do; it is something they have to learn. When a wife’s vagina is not yet lubricated, ‘never’ try to insert a finger or penis into it. That is legal rape.

Studies have shown that husbands staring at their wives’ breasts for 10 minutes a day can improve their total well-being. The human lips, tongues and genitals are the most sensitive parts of the body. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.  The tip of the clitoris has 700 nerve endings, more than the head of the penis. The most sensitive part of a woman’s vagina is the first two inches; that is where the majority of the nerve endings are located.  A woman’s skin is 10 times more sensitive to touch than men’s own.  During arousal, increased blood flow causes a woman’s breast to swell by 25 per cent, and when stimulated the vagina expand to six inches long. As a wife is turned on, blood rushes to her vulva, causing the vagina to release a smooth liquid called ‘drops of Jupiter’. The average duration of a female orgasm is six seconds. The female Japanese word for orgasm means ‘I have died and gone to heaven’. Now, carefully stimulating your wife’s nipples, clitoris and vagina can make her also utter these words.

One-step at a time is the best secret code. So while together, have your hands under her, then stroke her clitoris through her panties to build the anticipation of feeling your fingers against her wet skin.  Even if you have seen your wife’s nakedness a thousand times, don’t rush to take off her panties every time. Take the action to the next level by sliding your hand under her panties. There is more to the clitoris than meet the eyes. So, don’t just rub, start kissing your wife’s knee up to her inner thigh or from her navel down to her clitoris, then directly to her labia, and then find your way to her nipples.  A wife’s inner thighs are very sensitive. Incredibly, some wives can even have orgasm just by messaging their feet; starting your journey to the clitoris by kissing her thighs is still the best. This gives your wife intense pleasure and builds her anticipation for the thrill to come. Ask her to hold her legs up and out of the way. This allows you better access to the vagina. If you want to know if she is moaning with pleasure, ask her not to sandwich your ears with her thighs, you will be amazed by the ‘melodic rhythms’ coming your way! Pay close attention to the moaning; make sure it is not that of pain. I am sure you are enjoying this piece. Join me for the concluding part next week.

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