3 Nov 2013

Top footballer who 'had sex with Katie Price' was fined £25,000 by his club

Ex-Rangers: Ricksen said his bosses ordered him to pay a fine 'Worth it': Ricksen said he didn't mind paying a fine after sleeping with Katie PriceDenial: Katie Price said the ex-footballer was beautiful and she was sorry to hear of his illness, but they had never slept together

A footballer claims paying a £25,000 fine from his club for sleeping with Katie Price was worth it.

But Katie Price has strenuously denied the ex-footballer's claims.

She wrote on Twitter: 'Fernando is a beautiful man and it is devastating to hear of his illness.

'We both had a great night all those years ago but we did not have sex'.

Fernando Ricksen, who used to play for Rangers, claims he took the glamour model for a private dance with two strippers and then had sex with her at a hotel, the Sun reports.

The ex-Rangers player, who has recently revealed on Dutch TV that he has just five years to live after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, wrote the confession in his new book.

He claimed: 'The sex was amazing - it was a once-in-a-lifetime I will never, ever forget.'

Katie Price, 35, who was known as Jordan at the time, hadn't got together with Peter Andre at the time and newly-single Ricksen, 37, wrote he was 'on the prowl' after splitting with his wife.

The pair met at a party in Glasgow ten years ago when Katie sat on Ricksen's lap, he wrote.

He took her to a strip club before they spent the night at the £450-a night luxury hotel, he added.

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