27 Oct 2013

Alan Shearer takes wife Lainya and their three children for a spot of rest and recreation in sunny Barbados

 Alan ShearerLainya

He's a British footballing legend and Bewcastle born and bred. so Alan Shearer must be used to chilly winters in the UK.

However the retired striker looked very at home going shirtless in Barbados while on holiday with his wife and three kids.

Enjoying a cooling dip in the Caribbean Sea, it looked like the 43-year-old sports legend looked in great shape, if a little pink.

Alan and his wife Lainya were happily making merry while the sun shone on the beach in Barbados along with their three kids - Will, 12, Hollie, 18 and Chloe 21.

 Shearer kidsLainyaLainya snapsShearer beach

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