26 Sep 2013

Photo: iPhone 5S Owners Are Now Using Their NIPPLES To Unlock Their Phone

Out of all of the features introduced by Apple’s new iPhone 5s, it’s the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that has got the most attention. Because the latest body part being used to unlock the phone's fingerprint scanner is a nipple.

A number of videos have appeared online that appear to show male and female nipples being pressed onto the phone’s TouchID sensor.

The capacitive sensor can be used with any skin part, as long as a heartbeat and body temperature can be detected, to unlock the device.

One owner of the new iPhone 5S said: 'I'm glad Apple's scanner recognises nipples - it just goes to show how ridiculous the premise is in the first place.

'Now if anyone tries to mug me, they'll have to cut one of my nipples off if they want to use my phone, and I'm not telling them which one.'

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