10 Sep 2013

BBA thechase: Organisers of the Big Brother Africa 'thechase' Made Over N7Billion ($43.75M) as profit

HMM! I’m sure you are not aware they made so much money from the big Brother Reality show, i got this detailed statistics from This week Encomium Magazine.. I’ll just give you the breakdown, if you are interested in history, go get a copy of Encomium Magazine.

The Show is the most watched television reality show and this year’s own was successful by all rating... It Kicked off on Sunday, May 26, 2013 and ended on Sunday, August 25, 2013.

The Breakdown

The big Brother House (N10Million Spent)

Feeding (feeding 28 housemates for 3 months – N10Million Spent)

Make-Up Artiste and Toiletries (N5Million Spent)

Performing Artistes (Nigerian Artistes – (N40Million Spent)

The Crew [50Members] – (N50Million)

Advertisement and Promo [Television, Radio, Billboards, Print Media, Posters] – (N200Million Spent)

HOST – I.K Osakioduwa (N10Million)

Cash prize – USD300,000 –Dilish Matthew (N48Million)- Travelling Expenses – (N5Million Spent)-

How much they realised in – (Airtel recharged N100/SMS – over 5Million People Voted Per Week for their favorite housemates – 13 Weeks/91Days – over N7Billion made (Minus SMS by regular fans).

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