5 Aug 2013

Terrence Howard Accused of Physically Abusing Ex-wife

We just learned that Terrence Howard have just been accused of physical violence against ex-wife, Michelle Ghent . The divorce between Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent became finalized back in May of this year, but the couple reportedly hooked up recently and tried to give their relationship another shot.

The couple along with family members reportedly even took a trip to Costa Rica last week.  Sources say an argument erupted and she claims Terrence beat her up.

Terrence Howard accused Michelle of macing him, his adult daughter and another family member.  Police were called and reports were taken.

Sources say Terrence made up the mace story to cover his brutality.  Other sources connected to Terrence say Michelle is lying about the actor physically abusing her.

Ex-wife Michelle is reportedly heading to court in an attempt to get a restraining order against Terrence.

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