3 Aug 2013

Protest Against Beyonce & Jay-Z; Sign Accuses Beyonce & Jazy-Z of Being Possessed By Demons

The mission started earlier that day when Twyman gathered at the White House with several other citizens who believe that Beyonce is demonic to urge First Lady Michelle Obama to distance herself from the singer.

Carrying signs with slogans such as “Jay-Z and Beyonce Are Possessed by Demons,” the group urged Michelle Obama to refrain from attending the concert with her daughters, Sasha and Malia, to protect them from exposure to demonic principles and unholy messages.

“We think that the attendance of Mrs. Obama at such an event is unbecoming of a first lady and represents a terrible role model for our youth who are struggling with unemployment at this time,” said Twyman. He said he believes that Jay-Z and Beyonce’s music is “corrupting young people,” especially the ones in the Black community.

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